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4X Growth
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Value: ₹15,000

Sniper Marketing Technique

Sniper marketing is the marketing technique that aims to target a pre-defined, niche market, and the appropriate audience using a well-defined marketing and promotion strategy in order to increase more prospects and traffic for your business.

Where Indus may assist you with:

  1. Criteria for choosing the right audience for our organization.

  2. The clarity in defining the appropriate marketing or advertising collateral.

  3. A strategy for how to use it to produce 10X leads.

  4. Automation system to track each lead with its status.

  5. Guidance on cost-effective tools to automate and manage it.

Special 5 Hour one-2-one session with Parmeshwar Patidar (Creator of PPA-Framework)

Conversational Company Website

A sales conversional website is one that generates urges in your prospects' or visitors' minds to get in touch with you and make a purchase of a good or service from you. It is the second-most crucial step in the process that enables you to convert your visitors or prospects into leads.

The key aspects of preparing a conversational company website:

  1. Defining the primary purpose of your website

  2. The right sequence that can easily navigate the customer

  3. Attractive content that creates an urge in your client’s mind to connect with you

  4. Search engine optimization (SEO) - make sure your site is optimized for search

  5. Cost-effective with a good e-commerce platform and tech support

  6. Responsive, interesting, and engaging website design or re-design


Value: ₹25,000


Value: ₹44,900


There are 3T-Factors that are fundamentally necessary for an organization to be a FUTURE-READY COMPANY:

  1. Team,

  2. Technology, and

  3. Techniques (strategies)

In fact, 96% of market leaders or growing companies are relying on an ERP system, and 95% of companies saw an improvement in their business processes after implementing an ERP system.

The benefits of implementing the inPrint software are:

  1. Improve your work efficiency to save up to 90% of your productive time.

  2. Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by 65-70%.

  3. 20% more conversion in leads.

  4. 4X Lead-to-Sales conversion by using a tracking and follow-up system.


A job card is a detailed description of work that is performed by your production and other teams. It provides you with first-hand job-related information such as planning, material, and production.

Digitization and automation of job cards can help you reduce:

  1. Human Errors

  2. Mismatches in costing and actual planning

  3. Wastage in planning and production

  4. Downtime in production


And will help you improve:

  1. Operational efficiency of your machine and manpower

  2. Productivity

  3. On-time deliveries

  4. Customer satisfaction


Value: ₹10,000

4X Growth

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