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Send Printing Quotes in
2-Minutes and Kill the  Competition!


Double Your Sales with InPrint: AI-Driven,
Lightning-Fast Estimates, Anytime, Anywhere.

Want to Save Time and Money
on Every Lead You Get?


Struggling with Manual Planning and Cost Estimation?

For printers, doing manual planning and estimation often leads to losses and wastage. This is because, without optimization in paper planning and manual setups, and due to human limitations, we can only handle a few plans at a time. Also, we might not always try to optimize for the best-fit paper plans.

Are You Experiencing Mistakes Made by Your Team During Cost Estimations?

Delegating cost estimation is always a headache, isn't it? It needs someone with deep printing technical skills, and even then, mistakes can happen, leading to big losses in production. And if we miss even one process, that's another loss. It's a tricky task, requiring both expertise and attention to detail, and even a small error can throw things off, can't it?


Are You Losing Money Due to Deviations in Estimation and Job Card Planning Caused by Communication Gaps?

Losing money due to deviation in estimation and job card planning? It happens when our teams don’t communicate properly, doesn't it? These mistakes can disrupt our workflow and hit our profits hard. Manual costing and job card creation by our team can lead to costly errors, making operations complicated with client rejections and profit losses!

Facing challenges? Discover the secret behind 15% of printers achieving 4X growth! Get accurate quotes and easy management with InPrint!


India’s #1st AI-based printing cost estimation software

InPrint, an AI-Driven, Cost-Effective Software, is crafted to empower printers to double their sales and achieve 2X growth through straightforward automation and enhanced control over their business.

Why inPrint

All Printing Jobs


Do AI-Based cost estimation on sheet or reel for Digital, Commercial, Packaging jobs.

Keyline Diagram


Get an accurate (KLD) keyline diagram for folded cartons with interlocking optimization. 

Jobcard In One Click


Auto job card creation from quotation helps to remove redundancy and error.

Complex Quotations


Feature of multiple quantities and multiple content help to do complex job costing.

Cloud Based


Cloud-based secure access help to use from anywhere, anytime on any device.

User Friendly


Easy to use, even an amateur can do accurate costing with minimum inputs.

Quotation in 2 Minute 


Can make instant quotation within 2 minutes in front of the customer.

Email Automation


The application can send quotations from your mailbox directly in 1 click.

See inPrint in Action

inPrint makes 97% of the printing jobs easy to dojust in 3 steps 


Create Quote

Access anywhere, Select job type, enter specifications


Plan with AI

Do planning with AI, Choose best econimic plan


Send Email

Save quotation and send direct email or WhatsApp


Accelerate Success with InPrint!

See How Printers are Doubling Their Sales
and Beating Competition, Swiftly and Consistently.

How to achieve

How does it help?

Never Miss a Single Lead

By automating your cost estimation with AI, you can respond to each inquiry on time.

Better customer service

You can improve your customer service by improving your response time and order accuracy.

Guaranteed Business Growth

96% of high-performing, growing companies use an ERP system.

Save Time

You can save time by eliminating the manual process and repetitive tasks.

Enhanced Business Reporting

A single source of truth – better reporting with real-time information.

Increased Efficiency

You will get access in real-time — which means quick decision-making, less miscommunication, and greater coordination.

Save Money

You can save money by zeroing the error while doing cost estimation.

Boosted Cash Flow

Faster client response means faster cash and more cash on hand for the business

More Marketing – More Sales

This will free you from your daily business operations, and you can utilize the time you save on marketing to increase sales.


Why Choose Us?

selva sir1.jpg

Mr. Selvakumar K
Director, Lovely Offset, Sivakasi

We are delighted that we could use the best-in-class support system which, we hope, will drive our organization to give the best value to our customers, in terms of better lead times, OTIF deliveries, consistent quality levels, and customer delight.

World-class product, features, and after-sales services
A highly competent and driven team for technical advancement, implementation, support, and R&D
Chosen by 200+ national and international printing brands
International presence – India, USA, UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia
High implementation success and customer satisfaction rates
Because we do not cost the earth – cost-effective solutions

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4X Growth

  • Who will have access to my data?
    Only you can access your data, no one can access
  • Is a training session required to use InPrint?
    Yes, training is required, each application has its own workflow and working structure. To understand the right workflow and input types, we need to do certain pieces of training. Basically master setting is important.
  • Is my data secure with In-Print?
    InPrint has built-in banking grade security since day one using the latest standards. We have added multiple security levels which ensures that your data is always under your control. Your data is completely encrypted during the sync process and can only be accessed on your devices.
  • Why should I adopt the InPrint for quotation management?
    To scale up your business, you need to upgrade the workflow too. "What you get here won't get there", InPrint is tested and validated at 1000+ printing and packaging industries, it covers all possibilities to do right planning and estimation. So we suggest the following modern and upgraded process workflow.
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